Take half an hour out to find your still centre in the St Peter’s labyrinth.

Our labyrinth is coming back in Lent to give you the chance to slow down and connect with God.

What is a labyrinth?

labyrinth pictureWe are all on a spiritual journey.  An ancient way of making this journey real is the labyrinth.

Labyrinths are pathways found across the world.  A labyrinth is different from a maze.  A maze is full of dead-ends and designed to get you lost.  A labyrinth has only one path that always leads to the centre. . . if you stay on the path you cannot get lost.

Labyrinths were used in the pre-Christian world, but were also found by members of the early church and medieval pilgrims to be an aid to prayer.  The winding path helps us to “unwind”, to let go of negative emotions, to connect with who we really are and with something beyond ourselves.

Today labyrinths are becoming popular again as a way of finding stillness in a busy world.  They have been successfully used in churches, schools, and hospices.

There is no right or wrong way to walk a labyrinth.  We will be offering some interactive stations around the labyrinth itself, so that everyone taking part, adults and children, can think about what they need to let go of, and what they want to connect with.  We won’t be giving answers but we will be encouraging everyone to think about who they really are, how they can connect with people around them and their community, and how they can connect with God and their spiritual life.

The experience will be accessible to all, young and old and including wheelchair users.  It will probably take 30 minutes to an hour to walk our labyrinth and take part in the other activities.

When are we open?

You can come and walk the labyrinth from Monday 27th Feb to Saturday 4th March between 12.30pm and 8.00 pm.

What if you can’t come in person?

If you can’t come to walk our labyrinth, you can still experience something of the what it offers at home by printing out our finger labyrinth, finding a quiet time and space and following the pattern with your finger.  You might be surprised about the peace and wisdom you can find through such a simple activity!