St Peter’s is a parish church in the Church of England.  Everyone is welcome to worship with us, or to come to one of our lively social events.  Whether you are just beginning to wonder what the Christian faith is about or are a life-long church-goer, you will find an open, friendly community.

Our priest-in-charge, Rev Oliver Igwe

I am delighted to be called to minister as Priest-in-Charge of St Andrew, St Peter and All Saints’ in a time like this. I have a great sense of vocational calling from a young age and have been ministering as a priest for quite a long time.  I look forward to our shared commitment in growing discipleship, nurturing our young ones in faith, strengthening our missions, serving our communities, and encouraging vocations. We will continue to proclaim God’s love and kindness to all with vibrancy. My family loves ministering through songs so be ready to sing along with the Igwe Family Choir. We look forward to bringing some African flavour into our ministry here.

During these challenging times, we have learnt that our Faith and life must go on. We need to keep trusting God and praying for one another, our communities, nation, and the world. There are lots of things we cannot explain, but we can entrust them into God’s love and care. Amid uncertainties, we draw strength and hope from scripture and encourage one another with these. God is always at work in us and in the world. He never stops! As we draw close to the Christmas season, may our lives be filled with the peace, love and joy that flows from our Lord Jesus.